URT Radio Modem

URT Radio Modem

  • CMD400 compatible radio modem
  • Up to 9k6 bps over-air in 12.5kHz channel
  • Front panel channel switches
  • Internal modem with RS232 data interface
  • Auxiliary 600 ohm audio interface for use with external modems
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Low power consumption
  • Programmable power-save modes
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC) selectable at 9k6 bps
  • Highly sensitive receiver
  • Easy configuration using supplied software

The URT500 Series of high specification telemetry radios were primarily produced for the UK Utility market following significant demand for a half-duplex remote radio with both analogue and digital interfaces for use in new and legacy scanning telemetry radio systems having a mixture of internal and external modems. The URT500 data radio modem provides an easy upgrade path, from audio to digital, to networked systems and the large flash memory enables future product upgrades to be easily implemented in the existing hardware.

The radios can accept RS232 data inputs directly, but have auxiliary unbalanced 600 ohm audio interfaces to allow use with an external modem if required. While using the internal modem, the over-air data rate can be set to a range of values between 150 baud and 9,600 baud in a 12.5kHz channel. If high speeds are not required, the modem can be set to a slower over-air rate to take advantage of the associated improvement in the receiver threshold.

The URT500 data radio modem is a derivative of our tried and tested SRT470 & ART400 products and has been designed with as open an architecture as possible, to allow it to inter-work with various different legacy products still operating in the field today. It is pin compatible with the CMD400 radio modem manufactured by Pacscom Ltd. and the inclusion of a programmable 1200/1800Hz FFSK modulation format, further extends the range of compatibility to include a number of products using CML chipsets such as Thorcom modems.

The DIN rail mountable URT500 is available with a variety of optional mounting plates to ensure mechanical compatibility with as broad a range of existing outstation radio installations as possible.

The radios have extremely sensitive receivers, and incorporate very low group delay filters to provide the best path for high speed digital signals. When running at the full 9,600 baud rate, an optional Forward Error Corrector can be switched in to further enhance the receiver performance at very low receive signal levels. Careful attention to spurious response, adjacent channel and blocking performance, makes the product ideal for crowded telemetry channels.

The URT500 meets licence-exempt ETSI EN 300 220 (ETS 300 220), licensed EN 300 113 (ETS 300 113)and the VNS2111 (MPT1411) specifications at all internal modem data rates up to and including 9,600 baud.