Advanced Wireless Data Solutions

Radio Modem Products

RF DataTech manufactures a comprehensive range of radio modems designed to meet demanding international standards. These products are ideal for use in point-to-point data links or in point-to-multipoint applications such as scanning telemetry networks and SCADA systems.

  XRT Base-station


ART Radio Modem


URT Radio Modem


SRT Radio Modem


ZRT Radio Modem


ZRM Radio Modem


MRT High Power Modem


Bands Available              
Low Band VHF (66-88MHz) version          
VHF (138-172MHz) version          
220 MHz Version          
UHF (402-470MHz) version
800/900 MHz Version          
FCC/IC Approved for use in USA/Canada          
ETSI EN300-220 approved versions  
ETSI EN300-113 approved versions
RF Configurations              
Half Duplex/Simplex
Full Duplex          
Traffic Configurations              
Internal RS232 Modem
RS232, RS485 or RS422 interface options          
Un-balanced 600 ohm Audio interface for External Modem            
Balanced 600 ohm Audio interface for External Modem          
19” Rack Mounting            
Integral DIN rail mount        
Analogue RSSI output for antenna align/chart recorder        
Designed to panel mount with cable connections        
Transmitter Power              
Up to 5W transmit power  
10W transmit power option            
High transmit power (25W)            
Supply Voltages              
Supply Voltages 110/220V ac
12V dc
24V dc
48V dc
9-15V dc 9-15V dc 9-15V dc 9-15V dc 9-30V dc 9-15V dc