Advanced Wireless Data Communications



Electricity, Water and Gas utilities have a heavy dependence on radio telemetry, with most utility companies now using some form of SCADA system to remotely monitor and control their generation, storage and distribution activities.

RF DataTech offer a comprehensive range of base-stations and remote radios for use in scanning telemetry systems with both serial data and Ethernet/IP interfaces. These scanning systems typically have a small number of rack mounted base-stations at hilltop sites, each communicating with up to a few hundred outstation radios attached to RTUs (remote telemetry units) at distributed sites in the surrounding area

To meet the very high reliability levels required for utility networks, duplicated base-station configurations are available for critical nodes.

In addition to their use in large SCADA systems, radios are also used in simpler point-to-point links for interconnecting PLCs on smaller sites, for borehole & CSO monitoring or for applications such as the interconnection of teleprotection relays on links to electricity generating equipment. In the case of teleprotection circuits, extremely low latency (time delay) through the radio link is critical and RF DataTech radios can offer end to end delays of around 1ms for such applications.

Given the number of legacy scanning telemetry networks in operation today using equipment from many different manufacturers, a key design aim for all RF DataTech products is helping operators achieve cost-effective transitions to a modern high speed digital system without the need to swap out all equipment in an existing network at the same time.

Our products support a wide range of over-air data speeds and are compatible with many modem protocols, allowing them to inter-work successfully in mixed systems using equipment from a number of different manufacturers.

With security of supply being a critical requirement for any utility, the use of encryption on radio links is attracting increased interest in this sector. To meet this demand, the latest digital radios being introduced by RF DataTech offer various levels of encryption including AES128 and AES256.

While offering a comprehensive range of standard products, we are always happy to work with prospective purchasers to provide custom solutions to specific requirements which standard products may not offer. Our short design cycle and in-house manufacturing makes this practical within the timeframe of a typical network replacement project.